IMJ Interview with Leslie Bocskor from Electrum Partners


July 14, 2015 - Interview by Vin Maru from Invest In MJ with Leslie Bocskor from Electrum Partners.

IMJ:  Hello Leslie, thank you for taking the time to speak with Invest In  We are excited to learn more about Electrum Partners and your involvement in the emerging cannabis industry.  

Your firm was established in early 2013 and since then you have been very active in the industry as one of the leaders seeking investment opportunities and putting capital to work.  Can you provide us some background on the management at Electrum and what attracted you to the cannabis industry?

LB: I have a history of working in early stage disruptive trends and technologies, beginning with the internet and new media properties in the late nineties. Since then I have been involved in life science, cybersecurity and Internet gaming. Electrum was founded by myself and Gordon Katz to explore and incubate a number of opportunities in the legal cannabis industry: policy and licensing of cultivation, dispensaries, processors/manufacturers, distributors and laboratories, Media, Security, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. We were drawn to the cannabis industry due to a few unique forces that are at play. 1) This is not a new industry; it is the migration of a black market industry into a regulated industry. 2) The social justice issues that are consequences of prohibition that is based on bad data. 3) The fact of my previous work as an investment banker during the birth of a new industry and how that created a context and road map for us to be able to follow here, capturing large valuation shifts in short periods of time.

IMJ:  Electrum Partners brings with it energy and a strong foundation to be an industry leader in the cultivation of Cannabis in Nevada.  Getting a license is a feat in itself, but you managed to secure many cultivation licenses in Nevada.  Can you tell us what attracted you to Nevada and why you choose to focus all of your energy there? 

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Doug Leighton Of Dutchess Capital Shares His Views on MJ Investing


Dutchess Capital logo

March 09, 2015 - Interview by Vin Maru from Invest In MJ with Doug Leighton from Dutchess Capital. 


Doug Leighton Headshot

Doug Leighton: Douglas is co-founder and a principal partner of Dutchess Capital. He has over two decades of experience in equity trading, investment banking and asset management. While the firm is industry agnostic regarding its selection of investments, Douglas has led Dutchess’ initiative into the legal cannabis sector and is also a member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

Hello Doug, 

Thank you for taking the time to speak with Invest In As a leader in the Cannabis Industry your insights are appreciated and our readers will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that you share with us.

IMJ: Tell us a little about yourself and why you became interested in the cannabis industry.

DL: I have been investing for over 25 years. I initially became interested in the cannabis space when Massachusetts passed their medical cannabis law. My initial reaction was this was going to be a massive industry once people started to realize the true benefits of the plant. The black market for cannabis is a $50 billion business each year, while the legal market is $2.5 billion. The demand exists for this product, it just needs to be serviced legally. That is going to happen over the next several years.

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